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Garden Room

Refurbish your old Conservatory with a Garden Room Roof.

It has excellent sound absorbing qualities and fully insulated, it is durable, weather proof and supports sustainable homes initiatives when meeting new building standards.

It is lightweight, unbreakable, flame retardant and out-performs traditional roofing materials.

Garden Room

Conservatories are evolving along with consumer demand for a new generation
of living space. A conservatory is still a very desirable product, even more
so with recent technological advancements and new product launches, but we
are experiencing a number of homeowners who are seeking something more - A
Garden room can create a very comfortable and useable environment due to it's
superior insulation and sound absorbing qualities.

The Garden Room Roof boasts the following specifications :

  Eaves Overhang

  0.17 'U' value

  Preformed Insulated panels

  Structural integrity as standard - fixed joint technology

  50mm continuous external thermal barrier

  100mm internal insulation

  Strong enough tosupport traditional tiles

  Dry fit slate effect as standard with 50 year guarantee

  Optional Velux windows


The roof is made from Envirotile which carries a 50 year guarantee! With a
solid roof the room will be more cost effective to heat in the winter and
cooler in the summer therefore creating a useable environment all year

Internally the solid roof is plastered and decorated to the customers
specifications which could include built in spot lights to give it a modern
look on the inside.

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CLICK HERE for a link to one of our recent refurbished Conservatory installations.


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